Adventures in Quarantine*

We were, to be honest, already past the “Ho ho, it’s the perfect time to book a cheap cruise” phase of the pandemic. Alternative lyrics to My Sharona by The Knack had been posited and forgotten, mutterings of “corona” after someone sneezed or coughed were no longer said in jest… It was clear that unlike SARS or BIRD FLU this was the real deal. Third time’s the (c)harm…

The Hatchery Anthology

My very short story, Orange Spray Paint,  has been accepted for an Anthology by members of my writing group, The Hatchery. You can download a copy onto your kindle, or other … Continue reading The Hatchery Anthology

Masterclass dismissed!

Unbelievably, I’ve gotten through the five-week short story Masterclass already. It’s been very difficult trying to juggle the homework with everything else that’s been going on but I’ve tried to … Continue reading Masterclass dismissed!

How does a playwright write a play right? (or ‘My first play!’)

I’d never written a play before and I had no idea if I could. I certainly didn’t know if I could write a play where you can’t specify anyone’s gender. Nonetheless, a … Continue reading How does a playwright write a play right? (or ‘My first play!’)