The Hatchery Anthology

My very short story, Orange Spray Paint,  has been accepted for an Anthology by members of my writing group, The Hatchery. You can download a copy onto your kindle, or other electronic book of your choice, right now!  They make perfect last minute stocking fillers! …For electronic stockings?hatchery-book-on-kindle-cropped

Alternatively, you could get a physical copy by… contacting me, I guess? I won’t get them to you before Christmas but I’ve got a couple of spare copies. They make the perfect New Year’s Eve gift? For your physical, bound-paper New Year’s Eves?


Whilst I’m plugging things, Brighton: The Graphic Novel is still available, electronically and physically. However, since my story is the first in the book, you can basically read the entire thing online using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. Which is fine by me.

img_9824I’ve also got some spare chapbooks of All The Presidents Hens which I made up to give away at Titter and then was too embarrassed. So if you want one of those let me know too.

Comment on this post or send me a message via the contact page.

I don’t know why on Earth I’m plugging these things now. Buy early for Christmas 2017!

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