EdFringe2014 Day 4: My first review!


I was due to do “Afternoon Delight” at the Big Room at the Caves yesterday afternoon. Whilst sorting out my “family friendly” set, in the morning, I took a break to Google myself (A very nasty habit.) and discovered that Kate Copstick’s review of my show was up. Considering she came to the first preview and I had only got off the train that morning, I was very pleased. Here it is:


Kate Copstick review


That gave me a lift for the rest of the day. I did the gig at The Caves and exit flyered afterward. Then went to Fringe Central to make slips of paper with quotes from the review to staple to my flyers.

Sometimes, things take forever up here. I guess it’s because every time you need to do something new, you need to invest in all the stuff you usually have to hand to do it. I took some quotes and arranged them in a nice way in Word. But then there was a queue to print stuff off and then the internet broke, so I went to an internet cafe and printed some off, but then I couldn’t find a newsagent with scissors or a stapler to buy.
YES papaer

Political photo paper.

At this point, I began to feel faint and realised I hadn’t eaten all day. So went for a celebratory curry at the Mosque Kitchen (First one of the fringe! …Mosque Kitchen Curries 00001)


I met up with Kerry and Bola. Bought some scissors (Quest item 1 obtained) but found no stapler. It was nearly time for Charity Chuckle already. I cut up my quote slips and did a little bit of flyering arong the Caves, then went in to help set up. We had another great line-up: Katherine Ryan, Russ Peers, Alisdair Beckett-King and Larry Dean headlining, with MC Michael Fabbri.


With all the faffing about trying to make slips, I hadn’t done any actual flyering for my show so I was a bit worried about turnout. But just before start time, there was a sudden flurry of people buying tickets for my show and it was on! I had more peoplw than any previous day. Must be down to 2 for 1 Monday.

Afterwards, Kerry and I redrew the Charity Chuckle chalk board and Aiden came down to congratulate me on the review which was really nice of him.

Kerry and I went to the Pleasance Courtyard to have a drink and we ended up having a nice chat with Mick Perrin. Then we felt we should do more flyering and we ready to go home and chill out for the evening.

I am aware there aren’t many jokes in this blog. And it might just be a recording of events at the moment. But, gosh! It’s all go! I got a nice review! Yay!

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