Day 5: Pain and gain


I got up early and immediately got on with some urgent procrastinating. I tried to update my Facebook adverts with the Kate Copstick quote and then went down to Fringe Central to make up my quote slips for the flyers. It was much easier this time. The printer worked and I used the in-house Guillotine and stapler. I’m sure people expect a comedian’s blog from the Edinburgh Fringe to be all parties and jokes and hanging out with celebrities. Nope. I’m praising easily accessible stationery.


Cutting and stapling eighty flyers took some time but at about midday I was ready to go. I flyered the gilded balloon. I flyered the udder belly garden. I flyered the Dome. I got down to Greyfriars Bobby and had an attack of acid indigestion.

I get this very occasionally. It must have been from the coffee and cheese and ham toastie (or was it ham and cheese?) that I stuffed in my face at Fringe central before heading out the door. It just means getting an excruciating pain in my stomach for a couple of hours and the only way of releasing it is by burping and farting like a more uncouth version of the Bubble scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As I was in public, I opted for pain rather than uncouth behaviour and sat down in a churchyard to compose myself. (I didn’t even realise this churchyard existed! So I may have been suffering but at least I got to see the sights.)

I got myself together enough to head home, bumping into glamorous comedy professional, Corry Shaw on the way. Bit embarrassing. Finally I got back to the privacy of my own flat to drink lot of water and writhe around in agony for a couple of hours. Edinburgh!

I was very annoyed about losing the flyering time though. According to the ticket sales that morning, I had another reviewer coming in. It was the second 2 for 1 day but I wanted to get my Kate Copstick review out there to encourage punters.

When I could get up and out again, I did another your of the gilded balloon, underbelly and dome. Then walked down toward the grass market and flyered along cowgate toward the venue. When I got to the Caves I saw my review was up, which was nice.


It was coming up for 4.45pm and time for Charity Chuckle. We had another nice gig with Aiden Goatley MC, Joel Dommett, Mark Simmons, Tania Edwards, and headlining, the man I promoted whilst flyering as “a cross between Stewart Lee and Des Lynam”, the guy I want to be when I grow up: David James.


Immediately afterwards, I was flyering for my show. I think we got the biggest audience yet. So it might be slowly growing. And I was pretty happy with the show.


Finishing the day at 7.30ish then doing the chuckle chalkboard and a bit more flyering, going for a post-show drink and going home to drop of our bags took up most of the evening. We went out again at about midnight hoping to see some shows but all we could see were the Spank and Late n Live type shows that lasted three hours. We got a pulled pork roll from “I heart sausages” van next to the Pleasance Garden.

A word of advice about Edinburgh: Don’t get a pulled pork roll from “I heart sausages” van next to the Pleasance Garden. Disgusting. And you cannot get rid of the smell. We washed our hands over and over trying to get rid if the watery pork taint. But to no avail. And now we have to wear gloves forevermore.


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