Day 3

Flyering, went to fringe central and signed up, got lanyard, printed off chuckle line up picture, flyering, Updated chalk board outside of The Caves, flyering, burger at the pleasance courtyard… with haggis! (burger count 00002), flyering, compared Chuckle with Stephen Carlin, Mark Simmons, Larry Dean, ZoeLyons, saw Bola and Babs, did my show, had food with bola and Babs at bar 50, Updated chalk board outside of The Caves for tomorrow, lost and found umbrella for fourth time this fringe, went home, went out to see EDDIE IZZARD, who was the best I’ve ever seen him (and in smallest venue), back home stayed up to 2 or 3 am making minor adjustments to show.
I am on at “Afternoon Delight” tomorrow – a compilation show at the big Room in the caves. I have to be “family friendly”. Shit!20140804-094409-35049982.jpg

Larry Dean at Charity Chuckle


Chalk board updated for tomorrow


Just The Tonic at the Caves

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