EdFringe2014 Day 2: You’re on Flyer!


“You’re on Flyer” was one of the terrible puns bandied about by the vaudevillian double-act Holland and Hume, whenever they successfully flyered someone at the Fringe back in the noughties. It came back to me today as Kerry and I spent most of the day flyering. My ultimate ambition, of course, by the end of this is Fringe is to get some good flyering reviews, maybe a flyering agent and finally go full time on the professional flyerering circuit.

It was the first Chrarity Chuckle today at 4.45pm and we flyered for that, and my own show, from about noon until it started. Up until now, I’ve been flyering up on the Royal Mile as it’s near the venue. But I’ve remembered now that flyering on the Mile sucks. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, they’ve been flyered a million times already, and they might not even be here for comedy. They might be here to see Bryan Lee O’Malley in the Book Festival or to watch some… theatre? Is that what the thing’s called without the jokes?

Today we went much more for a mix of flyering queues and exit flyering shows (Kerry) and flyering people sat at tables (me). I find it much easier to get into a conversation with people that way. Or just leave them alone if that is appropriate.

I had a lot of nice chats with people, and it made flyering much less of an ordeal if I didn’t feel I was just bothering them.

Also, I should mention, it’s been pissing down with rain all day. Hooray! Proper Edinburgh weather!

We sorted out a chalk board to announce that day’s line up outside the venue. And it mainly survived the weather.



The first show, I’m pleased to say, was a great success. With our first line up of, Katherine Ryan, Angela Barnes, The Birthday Girls, Sara Pacoe and MC Aiden Goatley going down very well with the fulsome crowd (many of whom we recognised from the day’s work).

After my show we went for a curry at NOT the Mosque Kitchen. I know. Shocking, eh? We went to a very lovely decorated place on Nicholson Street that I have seen for years but not been into. The food was great!

Kerry pinned some flyers up before we left.



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