EdFringe2014, Day 1! The first day of the fringe! Charity Chuckle photoshoot and otters

I’ve already started to forget what day it is. It’s was Friday yesterday and the first official day of the Fringe. I’d already done one show… but it was a preview. Tonight, as the Fringe had properly kicked off, I was going to do… another preview. Confusing. But good.

Yesterday we got down to Just The Tonic at the Caves at 1pm to do a photo shoot with the Charities for Charity Chuckle. The International Otters Survival Fund are based on the Isle of Skye and so had sent a cuddly otter to appear on their behalf.

Comedians, Phil Jerrod, Kate Lucas and Mark Simmons, not being based on the Isle of Skye, found it easier to pop in for the photo shoot and we had a good time posing in front of the sign:

You can see me videoing that very video in this shot. Gosh! It’s like the end of Jackie Brown isn’t it?!


From left to right, Jim Holland (me), Mark Simmons, Kate Lucas and Phil Jerrod, and representatives from Edinburgh charities Benevolent Fund for Nurses for Scotland, Living Well North Edinburgh and Life Care.

After that, we went to have lunch at The Tron. I had my first burger of the Fringe (Burger Count: 00001). Then Kerry went to see Eric Lampaert’s Comedian’s Cinema Club where comedians act out the movie. I wanted to go to but it was 3.40pm and I felt I needed to flyer for the next couple of hours before the show.

The show was pretty fun. I think it’s getting stronger. Sean, the tech, and I can do the sound cues without thinking about it now. Afterwards, I went for a post show pint in the Peartree and then home.

It was Friday night! It was the first night of the Fringe! And I was in my flat in my pajamas. Fantastic.

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