EdFringe 2014, Day -1: My first ever Edinburgh show, reviewer, and big poster.

We got the sleeper train from Euston at midnight on Wednesday (where we found out ours was the only carriage without air con) arriving at 7am on Thursday in Edinburgh after a restless night. (Not so much a “sleeper train” as a “wakefulness train” …right, guys?!)

Once we arrived we lugged our luggage to the nearest cafe and surrounded the other patrons with it I’m sure they loved that. We then lugged it to the accomodation office and left it there whilst we looked around Edinburgh.

I’ve never been to the Fringe this early before. There was a weird empty feeling. Just the occasional flyerer on the street or poster on the wall. We went down to Just the Tonic at the Caves and saw the signs and offices being erected.

We had a busy afternoon: We had to chase up our posters and Kerry spent a long time on the phone to the printers. We did tech rehearsals for my room (The Wee One) and the Charity Chuckle room (The Fancy Room). We got our luggage and moved into our flat. I did a run through and updated my show music after the tech rehearsal. Then we went back to The Caves and met our flyerer before going out flyering.

It was 6 pm. Time for me to get back to the Caves. Upstairs in the Wee One I gave Sean, my tech, the amended music and went to get a glass of water before my first show ever at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Kate Copstick was at the bar.

The reknowed Edinburgh reviewer was there, and yes she was coming to my show. We got a few in the first night and it went okay, though. I probably er-ed and stuttered more than I would like through tiredness and nervousness.

She laughed a lot so I guess that’s a good sign

Afterwards, we went to see Mark Simmons’ show at the Mash House, 8pm, which is excellent. Go and see it as soon as you can. As well as an hour of fantastic one-liners, you get a free badge!

He, and a couple of people, said they’d seen my posters everywhere, but I wasn’t sure. By the end of the day though the printers had put up a new MASSIVE poster right round the corner from where we are staying.

I got a photo with it before someone drew a dick on it.


Back in our flat, I was exhausted, but I needed to go out to do a midnight open spot at Espionage (The Bite, Espionage, Midnight, Free.)

It turned out Alex R Winter, one of the Brighton Comedy Mafia was there. So that was nice. Here is in action:


I left about one, having had a nice 5 minute spot, finally got home to sleep. That day was a lot more exciting than I’d even thought it would be.

Someone had put a sticker on my big poster. It said “Vote for plums”

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