Work has begun on my debut stand-up hour show. …No, really! It has!

Last time I posted about this, I said I was vowing to do a solo show in 2014. Not that I’m superstitious or anything but it seemed the best time. At that point, I had only made a couple of tongue-in-cheek posters. But since then a lot of exciting stuff has been happening.

I have done two previews.

The first one in January involved me spending days and weeks ranting into my phone, listening back to the recordings and trying to make them funny. It was incredibly stressful but I was incredibly pleased to be able to stand on stage and talk for an hour. I’ve never done a spot more than twenty minutes before, so just doing the time was a new experience.


This Wednesday I did my second preview alongside Sean McLoughlin. I had rewritten the first half of the show and what I learnt was this: Rewriting makes things better.

Obviously, I knew that. But it’s nice to feel some sense of progression. I need to do a LOT more work on it. But… something is happening. And I have a structure and ideas as to what the show is about.


I now have a venue booked for the full run of Edinburgh. I need to do my blurb and finally decide the title and think about marketing. This  will probably mean having more photos taken. How fast can I lose a whole bunch of weight by the way?

Asking for a friend.

On Monday morning at 7am I have the third preview as part of Joe Wells’ Record Breaking Comedy Gig. 

I am also doing three work in progress shows during the Brighton Fringe. 


I need to book a lot more gigs and previews and work but it WILL happen this year. Exciting! I had thought about taking it easier. Spending another year on the circuit and then doing the hour in 2015. But what sort of number is 2015? It doesn’t sound as good as 2014. Also I will 38 this year which is a much nicer sounding number than 39. Not that I’m superstitious or anything.

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