REVIEW: Andrew O’Neill: Heavy Metal – A History

20140403-220542.jpg Cross-dressing occult comedian Andrew O’Neill presented a whirlwind tour through the greatest ever music: Metal.

Although obviously he doesn’t wear high heels to see Slayer, he said. No good for moshing.

With a black flying V slung over his neck, he used riffs and jokes to tell the story of metal from Black Sabbath, to Metallica to Cannibal Corpse.

He also revealed how everything is “Goth or Metal”. Tea is Metal, apparently, whereas coffee is Goth. Socks are Goth if you buy them yourself but Metal if you just “come across them”.

The audience were clearly already Metalheads, but with a show this good Andrew O’Neill could easily win more converts to the music he loves.

The Komedia
2 April
5 devil horn finger salutes out of 5
Jim Holland

See the published review (minus the devil horn salute thing) here:

Please note: I bloody loved this gig.

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