EdFringe2014, Day 22: Emotional moment.

For some time now, I have been looking forward to the Fringe ending so I could go home, but yesterday I felt a real pang of sadness whilst setting up for my show. I had a sudden emotional moment about the fact that this was all about to end. I would miss setting up the mic and the lights with Sean the tech in my venue in the Wee room. I would miss the wet, dank atmosphere. Well, maybe not that.

Apart from doing the show and doing a bit of flyering as Laura couldn’t do it yesterday, I spent most of the day at home. Even so, I am really rather exhausted now.

I’ve started thinking about whether I will come back next year, what I might do for a show. Do I want to try and tour the current show? To be honest, I think I could do with a holiday.

But I have definite ideas for a show I want to do. Again, it probably won’t be the easiest to sell. I might have to do a “fun one” before that.

Ah, I dunno.

Two performances to go.

Today’s is being filmed. I hope I’m not too exhausted to give a good performance. Tomorrow I might get the live scribing guy in (He does a cartoon / diagram of comedy gigs as they happen).


IMG_6179A “selfie” on stage at The Caves


The tunnel next to the Caves where I stood and flyered for a bit.

IMG_6181Pollock Halls and the majesticness behind it.

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