Edfringe2014, Day 23: Star of stage and screen.

jack bauer

I woke up late. I felt exhausted. Well, that boded well for filming my show. Ed Moore was filming it for me and several other shows that day. I had missed breakfast in the canteen so when and got something to eat from the shop, then tried to do a run through of my show but my mind kept wandering.

Eventually, it got round to 4.30 and I realised I’d better get into town. I wanted to see Perfectly Goddammed Delightful with Pete Strong and Dan Fardell. They were also getting their gig filmed by Ed.

As I left Pollock Halls I remembered my bus pass has run out, I decided to walk across town. It was quite far but after zig-zagging through the crowds at a brisk pace, I managed to get to the NewsRoom just in time. It was a great show and they can feel rightly proud that they recorded it for posterity.

I left the gig as soon as it finished at 6pm, leaving Ed to pack up his camera. I needed to get to my venue for ten past in order to set up. Again, this turned out to be just the right timing, though my shins did hurt with the exertion of quick walking everywhere.

We got the lights and mic sorted. Ed arrived and set up, thought Andrew from Just The Tonic warned that the room was so hot and humid the lens might steam up! It seemed to be okay. We set a fan going to try and reduce the heat.

The crowd filtered in. We had more people in than normal. Then half dozen of my friends turned up as well. Good for filming.

I was happy with the show. Despite telling myself I wouldn’t get nervous because I had been doing this for years and doing the show for a month and so on… I got nervous. The prospect of being filmed made me reorder bits by accident and go off on a couple of tangents that went nowhere. But other bits were the best I’ve done them. Doing a solo show for the whole run of the fringe is a big acheivement for me. So it’s nice to have evidence!

Afterwards I went drinking with Pete, Zara, Chloe and Graeme. We went to Bar 50. Then Pete and I were left as the others went to see Tim Key. Dan Popped in and then went home. Pete and I went to the Pleasance Courtyard to meet Z, C and G and also Alex “tre” Winter.

I didn’t leave unti 1am! I think this is the only night out drinking I have had this fringe! This is in marked contrast to previous Fringes but it’s just been like hard work. After flyering all day and then doing the show I’ve just wanted to come home and relax by watching old episodes of 24.

I know this is not what you are meant to do at the Edinburgh Festival. But like Jack Bauer, sometimes I just don’t play by the rules.




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