EdFringe2014, Day 21: Touring



I had a ticket to go to National Rural Touring Forum discussion at 11am yesterday, so I got my breakfast at Pollock Halls and got down to Fringe Central. The NRTF promote and arrange for artists to tour their work through several local networks of village halls and arts centres etc. It seemed a bit theatre-centric to me as a comic, but Robin Ince has done it, apparently, so maybe I could too?

After that, I printed off 200 of my quote from The Scotsman, chopped them to the right size and stapled them to a load of flyers before meeting Laura and giving her some to flyer people with. I then went off to sort out my train journey home.

I am looking forward to going home now, I must admit. But on the phone to National Rail the other day, I was told that the return ticket I had was no good for the sleeper carriage back as they were operated by a different train company, despite being sold the ticket as a way to get back. I desperately wanted to get back on Sunday night after my show so I could spend all of Bank Holiday Monday with my family.

However, it was all academic, as the sleeper carriages, and all of the reserved seats for the next few days had been booked. I had ran into Nathan Penlington on the way down to the station and he said it was probably good of me to organise the Edinburgh exit early as loads of people leave it to the last minute. Turns out I had too!

I would have to just turn up at Waverley Station on Monday with all my luggage (there were no normal trains after my show Sunday night) and take my chances grabbing a normal non-reserved seat. I remembered that I had bought a ticket for (Edinburgh Festival Award Nominee) Sara Pascoe for Sunday night anyway (Luckily, I had bought it on the morning before the nominations were announced.)

I decided to treat myself to a plane home on Monday morning. Edinburgh had been a massive money pit anyway, so what the hell? I have booked a flight for 7.30 Monday morning. I might even see if I can ride a shiny new tram out to the Airport!

I came home, booked the flight, got changed and went to do my gig. It went okay.

Afterward, I ran into Ed Moore. We had a chat about shows I could see. But I decided to go home and think about touring, maybe even work on next year’s show.

I ended up watching the first series of 24 instead.

…Three performances to go…


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