EdFringe2014, Day 20: Shows!

You may have noted from the terseness of my blog yesterday that I had got a bit grumpy. I decided to try and get out of my increasinly solitary funk by *going to see some shows* whilst at this massive arts festival.

At the bus stop, I found in my pocket, the free gift from Nick Helm’s Two Night Stand at the Grand:

I then when on to see Chris Boyd:



Nathaniel Metcalfe:





And Tom Neenan:



As I took this picture of the poster Celia Imrie walked passed me. I didn’t take a picture though. That would be rude.

My show was okay and afterward I went to the 10 to 10 for a curry and pot of Chai Tea before going to see Eddie Pepitone at the Pleasance Courtyard. I didn’t take any pictures of him as he was pretty full on.

Four days to go.

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