EdFringe 2014, Day -3: Ten reasons to see my show



Why take a punt on my show? Here are ten good reasons.

1. It’s about my shoes
No matter where I go or who I talk to my shoes are always well liked. Which is jolly good for them. And for you too because they are the good-looking, charming, stars of the show. I will be there, talking away, of course. But you can always concentrate on the shoes.

2. It’s also about shyness
The fringe is full of lots of irritating people, isn’t it? Jumping up and down. Waving flyers in your face. Improvising. With my reticent demeanour, I am quite happy to make you laugh without bothering you too much or demanding you join in or anything tedious like that.

3. It’s called “Shoegazing”
The title has a double meaning. It’s literally, “looking at shoes” and metaphorically, “the quality of shyness”. Double meaning is an important joke-building skill for the comedian to learn. The fact that I have managed to do this with a one word title encapsulating the show’s key concepts means a good time is guaranteed for all.

4. I have been doing stand-up since 2006
I am a seasoned old performer. Safe hands. You want to see at least one dead cert laugh-riot at the fringe don’t you?

5. This is my debut show
I am new and exciting! Who knows what will happen!?! Catch me now before big things happen to me!!!

6. I am in debt
I had no idea how much money I would be losing, er, investing-in-my-comedy-career to do this. But now I am fully committed to it, I can tell you. I will be doing my best performance just for YOU.

7. Other comedians like me.
Various comedians off the telly like me. So, although I have never been on telly myself, I must know what I am doing, mustn’t I?

8. It’s central
I am at Just the Tonic at the Caves. So you might as well pop in when you didn’t get across town in time to see the other thing you were hoping to see.

9. It’s at 6.20pm
It’s the perfect appetiser before you see that big TV name in the evening.

10. It’s not free.
It is very, very, reasonably priced but the fact this show costs money on the way in rather than the way out is an important guarantee of quality. It means you are guaranteed to enjoy a proper fringe venue. An hour will fly by as you admire the chairs, stage, proper lighting, microphone, etc.

Tickets, should you want one for any of the reasons given above, are here.

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