Life, love and sandwiches – new publication, an acceptance and a near miss.

I have a new story published today in Isele Magazine about sandwiches. Please go and check it out. It’s a beautiful magazine and I feel honoured to be part of it. This is, possibly, the first flash story I’ve had published that isn’t based round a crazy “what if…” idea and is quite down-to-earth and about people and emotions and so forth. I feel quite literary.

Another, similarly “real world” story of mine accepted by a publisher recently too! Maybe I am in danger of becoming a “proper” writer.

I very nearly had a story in The Molotov Cocktail magazine this month. In fact, it was so close I got a “close but no cigar” shout out. So, that is very encouraging. I shall keep submitting to them.

I’ll try and so some sort of “year in review” type post this week, so I will speak to you soon.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas! I hope you eat lots and are surrounded by people you love. I know Christmas can be a hard time for some. So if you are feeling lonely, here are some places that can help.

Cover of the “Food” issue of Isele Magazine

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