Two published stories – one about house-hunting and one about coffee – and two upcoming stories – one about a wall and one about sandwiches.

On the 11th of October Soft Star Magazine published my story The location of the house was perfect but there was too much space in their inaugural issue online. I really like the ethos of this new mag which features “…stories of science fiction, futurism, and speculative fiction with a healthy dose of optimism. …Soft Star stands for curiosity, openness, and the inherent magic of the unknown,” to quote their About page.

I was really pleased to find a home for this story which is one of my favourites. It was was the first story I was ever asked to read at the Writers HQ‘s Flash Face Off night. I’ve tweaked it a bit since then and am very pleased with myself for giving each of the three characters a motivation which gets resolved after a mere 500 words.

I’m really glad it is finally out in the world. It’s available online now, and it will soon be available in an actual physical magazine too – my first printed story in 3D reality! I’ve just seen a proof and it looks awesome!

The other story I had published was at the very end of the month, on the 31st October to be precise, in Issue 3 of annual mag, The Hallowzine.


Mwa ha ha haaaaa!

And so on.

It is another of my favourite stories and I have been trying to find a home for it for some time. I think The Hallowzine is the perfect place. It is called: A free ghost with every cup and it is about a haunted cup of coffee.

Lastly, I have two stories that will be published soon in quite contrasting publications. I will be going back to home to comforting weirdness of Bear Creek Gazette for the first one. It’s been nearly a year since the end of my alien invasion gardening column so it’s good to be back with a very short story about a wall.

The other is in the classy, literary, quarterly-published, Isele Magazine. It has arty pictures in it. And poems! They have accepted a story from me which has no jokes in it (!) and is rather dramatic and sad. It is, however, told through the medium of sandwiches. So it’s still me.

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