Edfringe day 18: Hecklers and cuts




Yesterday’s show was different from the others in that it was much more “interactive”. It included heckling from two women sat at the front and an abandoned walkie talkie occasionally squawking “box office!” At least I could turn the walkie talkie off.

It was not a bad gig, and it showed how much more confident I am in the show that I can come off script for sections and improvise /banter / whatever with people.

It was Monday yesterday so there was only one week left. In fact, after that show there were only six performances left! I was pleased to discover that I’ve used up at least one box of flyers. One more box to go! …in six days.

After the show I went for a chicken fajita at Bar 50 round the corner from The Caves.



I texted to Vicky and shortly after she popped in with Pete and David. We went on to the City Cafe where they ate (I narrowly avoided having a second dinner.) Then went our seperate ways.

Vicky and I went to the Stand in the Park with the idea of seeing ACMS and then perhaps Set List if we felt up to it. However, ACMS was on at a diferent time that day (it changes) so we sat and had a drink. We could hear Brendon Burns bellowing from the Stand tent through his wrestling commentry show.

After an hour or so we got up to get tickets to Set List. Our side of the park went dark. The nearby food stalls, ticket office and the Stand tent all had a blackout. The Brendon Burns audience started roaring and then chanting. There were two patches of light inside the tent from the glow of hurridly turned-on torches.

The ticket office were writing out tickets by hand. But the card machine wasn’t working, obviously, and we didn’t have any cash. We decided to go over to the Stand 1 and say hello to Pete et al who were queueing for Daniel Kitson. On the off chance, Vicky asked if there were any tickets. There were two!

We couldn’t believe our luck! Normally attending a Kitson show has to be planned months in advance. We waved and pointed at Pete to try and get across what was going on with a sort of impromptu semaphore, then ran to the cash point and back and got the tickets.

The show was the modern equivalent of “The Honourable Men of Art”, now titled “Fuckstorm 3001”. Kitson was doing this show in the second half of the run with Andy Zaltzman and Alun Cochran. By seeing this and the one with Gavin Osbourne, I felt like some Kitson Pokeman collector. I had caught them all!

We chatted about what shows we had seen. I have seen hardly any. I need to do something about that.  6 days to go!




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