Edfringe day 16: Head in a Bucket

Hey! You’ll never guess what I did yesterday!? …Flyering! I am flyering on my own since Kerry left and it has become apparent that I am useless at selling myself without Charity Chuckle to talk about. (My sales pitch for my show is that it is “alright” or “not bad”. I am a terrible flyerer. But I am excellent at being humble, if I do say so myself.)

I have been looking for a flyerer to help me. The chap on Day 15, didn’t even turn up to meet me. But yesterday, I met Laura through Chris Boyd who was already flyering for him. I went to meet Laura at the top of Niddry Street at 1pm and she agreed to do an hour of flyering for me that afternoon between flyering for Chris and going to work at the Edinburgh Tattoo. ( I don’t know how she does it). This was really helpful as I had a review in that night (to replace the reviewer that cried wolf.)

However, I was also meant to meeting Dan to go to an independant cinema for a film starting at 1.20pm. I really wanted to go, but too much faffing about with google maps and trying to work out the right bus stop for the right bus to get there, meant I was going to miss it.

So, I got on with flyering. I headed to the Pleasance Courtyard and was accosted by these people who took a photo of my holding this board and one of my flyers to promote the film they are working on. I have no idea what sort of film this is and rather dread to think what I may be seen to be endorssing. But at least I got a photo of them too in case I need to track them down.




I wandered over to the half price hut where I saw this guy:




I suspect this is just a stand-up driven to madness from the fringe and trying to hide his head from the escalating costs. Or maybe he’s an actual normal man who got his head stuck in a bin and everyone is assuming it’s street performane. Maybe he’s dead? Who knows.

A wandered over to the Stand and flyered a bit of Stewart Lee’s audience coming out and Simon Munnery’s audience queueing to go in. These are exactly the sort of people I want to come to my gig. But also they tend to be too independantly-minded, insular, or just plain surly to take flyers. Some were nice though and had a chat.

By the time, the show came round, I had a good sized audience in, which was good. Vicky and Alison came which was nice and we went for a drink afterward. I think the show went well, but we’ll have to wait and see what the reviewer made of it.

After the drink or two we went to see Aidan Goatley’s show 11 films to happiness as he had a reviewer in too. Not that he needed us, as it was packed! He was having to turn people away. We just got in after I led us the wrong way to start with. It was a great show and afterwards I’d had my fill of excitement for one day. And certainly my fill of flyerering.


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