Comic Con and more Brighton TGN press

sitting at comic con

So on the *third* of October…

(I am currently about three months behind on blogging about my life, but don’t worry there’s only a couple of interesting bits to catch up on.)

On the 3rd of October, I did an interview with BBC Sussex about the Graphic Novel. In the waiting area Pete Katz (pictured in flat cap, above) and I sat for half an hour discussing the various ridiculous subjects we could talk about and jokes about songs that were playing etc. We were on for a minute or two, which was enough time to plug the book and for me to probably make an idiot of myself.

The weekend after that, we went to the London Film and Comic Con to set up a stall plugging the book. About a dozen artists and writers turned up, including Jonathan Sapseed (also pictured above). We sold books and watched the various cosplayers wander around.

Judge Dredd loves Brighton The Graphic Novel:


dredd with BTGN

As does Bane:

Bane with Brighton TGN


And so does some guy in a coat…

Who with Brighton TGN

I also got to to talk as part of a Panel of artists and writers who worked on a book. So obviously I put all my stand-up skills into use to talk eloquently and charmingly about my work…





talking at comic con

The crowd love me!


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