Cartoon County

On the Monday 28 October, the Brighton TGN writers and artists were invited to talk about the book at Cartoon County. This is a monthly get-together for writers and artists of comics and cartoons. I’d heard of it before – but did’t feel I *ought* to pop in as I hadn’t written a comic or anything. But now I had! So I allowed myself to go.

I got to meet John LLoyd, artist on V for Vendetta and we were all interviewed by Alex Fitch for Panel Borders, a radio show on Resonance FM and Podcast.

I’m sure I sounded very pretentious when interviewed, talking about truth and whatnot. But, thankfully, they cut all that out.

You can here the podcast via this page:

After the podcast, I got rather drunk and proceeded to have long rambling conversations about The Dark Knight Returns and other Frank Miller books whilst a storm battered Brighton outside the window. It was a very pleasant evening and was topped off by revieving a free bottle of Tall Toad – the beer you always see The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers knocking back on their colourful travels.  What a treasured item!

tall toad

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