Brighton – The Graphic Novel… Book launch!


Hello. I’ve been relatively busy with promoting the graphic novel (as well as the occasional gig) and thought I’d catch up with blogging some of it.

Back on 2 October, we had the book launch at a venue on Queens Road, just down from the station. The room was several stories up so we had a nice vista of Brighton. There were drinks and nibbles and the room was packed with people. I got to wear the name badge, above, and feel rather important and rather proud if my first published story.

Tim Pilcher, my editor on the book, and Paul Collicot, the artists’ mentor, gave speeches.

Then the fire alarm went off.

Obviously, we couldn’t use the lifts so the entire room of people had to tramp down the five flights of stairs and stand outside. It was at this point I realised The Lord Mayor was there. The fireman had their picture taken with her when they arrived.

After mere moments we were allowed back up again. We all trooped upstairs and the launch party relaunched itself.

I was very busy for the next few hours, signing books, talking to people, it was all abut odd. But brilliant.

In the midst of this I gave this interview to Latest TV:

Then we all went down to the Marlborough and got pissed.



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