REVIEW: Julian Clary – Position Vacant, Apply Within


Julian Clary – Position Vacant, Apply Within

Julian Clary’s flamboyant entrance was taken with relish by the crowd at the Dome. In a red sequinned jacket, he performed the “homo mambo” beginning the first half of innuendo-laden stand-up referencing his time on Strictly… and his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house. The latter leaving a visual image of Julie Goodyear that will mark you forever. The second half focussed on his search for a husband, as a handful of hopefuls were plucked from the audience. But once he’d finished with them, sending them off with a bottle of blue nun, he sang a serious song about places around the world where it isn’t cool to be gay. An emotionally affecting end to a wonderfully fun night.

Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 1 June 2013
Rating: *****
Jim Holland

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