Celebrity Support for Charity Chuckle – Brighton Festival 2013

Last Monday we put on our Brighton Festival edition of Charity Chuckle with Robin Ince at the Warren Theatre. In the run up to the event we had a lot of celebrity support on Twitter. Just out of nowhere! I can only think they were big fans of the charity, Victim Support and wanted us all to have a great night. Which we did. Thanks guys.


First to come forward on Twitter was Justin Belieber:


justin belieber

Then the great and powerful geek, Bill Gate:

bill gate

TV’s Dr Whom added his name to the cause. Quite literally revealing his name before the final episode of the series. (If you watch it again he does say “Pete”. It sounds like “Please!” But actually it’s “Pete.”)


dr whom

And finally Eurovision’s Bonnie Tyler, threw her hat in the ring, shortly before romping to sucess in the aforementioned continental sing-off.



Alright, she lost. But for a good cause.



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