Glowing review of Dave Spikey


Tediously factual review of Dave Spikey which completely fails to mention his Jesus-like glowing head:

Dave Spikey Review

Review: Dave Spikey – Words Don’t Come Easy

‘Words don’t come easy’; the theme of Dave Spikey’s show allowed him to top and tail each half by holding up newspapers with amusing headlines or dissect the lyrics of popular songs. But the real heart of the show came from the sayings and misunderstandings of his family and friends. How his dad wooed his mum, his grandad’s near final request to go lawn-bowling and the romantic advice from his ugly friend at school were all included in the anecdotes, giving the show a homely feel. But however safe and cosy it felt, we were never far from a killer punchline.

Theatre Royal Brighton, 27 November 2011
Rating: 4 stars
Jim Holland

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