Nick Helm – Dare to Dream – review

Nick Helm – Dare to Dream

The best show at last year’s Edinburgh Festival was Nick Helm’s. And it looks like the follow-up, “Dare to Dream” packs a similar wallop. The preview featured a cavalcade of comic songs, poems, stand up and audience interaction all delivered with Helm’s usual mix of pathos, bathos and SHOUTING! It needs some work structurally, but if anyone can pull it off, if anyone can charge an audience with the electric fire of pure belief, if anyone can take the shattered dreams and endless nightmares of life and turn them into a vision of a better tomorrow… then that anyone… IS: Nick. Helm. Dare to dream. “THIS. IS. HAPPENING!”

Upstairs at the Three and Ten, 22 June
Rating: ★★★★☆
Jim Holland

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