Wil Hodgson review

Wil Hodgson

Wrestling, The Krays, skinheads, Care Bears – these are a few of Wil Hodgson’s obsessions. The chubby, thick-necked skinhead cuts a formidable figure. But his kind, friendly, inquisitive nature is reminiscent of Winnie The Pooh. If Winnie The Pooh was covered in tattoos and talking about going to lesbian nightclubs. His thoughtful monologue is full of rambling digressions rather than zingy one-liners. But he is incredibly endearing and his fascination for the British subculture draws you in – even if you have no idea what obscure Clash song he is trying to remember, you do not doubt its importance. A national treasure.

The Caroline of Brunswick, 23 June
Rating: ★★★★☆
Jim Holland

See the published review at: http://thelatest.co.uk/7/review-wil-hodgson

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