Bear Creek Is Dead! Long live Bear Creek!

I am honoured to have a story included in the last ever issue of Bear Creek Gazette*. This is the lit mag where I had my first story published and the lovely editor of the magazine, Stuart Buck, let me turn it into a series of alien invasion gardening columns which I am very proud of. I really lucked out with that first acceptance. It gave me some focus while housebound with Long Covid. One column every two months was the most work I could manage but it made me feel I was still capable of doing something. Alas it is now gone forever.**

My story in this last ever issue*** is about a wall that gives birth to a child. That’s the sort of weirdness the magazine specialises in and I will miss it.****

However, life, specifically the life of occasionally flinging your precious creations into the literary void and hoping they land on something soft, goes on. I have had an acceptance from the delightfully named, “Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself Literary and Arts Magazine”. It’s one of my favourite stories about one of an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters who decides to write a detective novel. It needed a suitably weird home so hopefully that has worked out well.

I am still suffering from long covid but think I am at the point in my recovery where I think I may be able to write about it. Hopefully there will be a sequence of blog posts about that in the near future and they won’t be too miserable! At least this blog won’t just be the occasional missive telling you I have a story published somewhere or a treasured journal is now defunct.*****

But until then, farewell!

* Although it’s the last issue, I believe Stuart means to transfer to a more blog-based approach focusing on one story at a time.
** It’s not gone for ever. It’s just adopting a new publishing model.
*** It IS the last issue. But the Gazette itself continues to exist. It’s here:
**** I will miss the new issue landing but, who knows, the new format might be even better!
***** It’s not.

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