New flash fiction, “An American Mermaid in Paris”, published in inaugural Spare Parts Lit

The first thing to say about this is; It’s not about a mermaid.

Hello. This is a blog post I have written to let you know that a story I have written has been published by Spare Parts Lit here and you can go and read it should you wish.

This is the first story I’ve had published that wasn’t specifically written for Bear Creek Gazette as part of the “Green Fingered Growths” series. It originated as a piece for Writer’s HQ’s Flash Face Off and I was actually asked to read it at the Friday night online open mic night. Being asked to read is a good sign that something I’ve written isn’t bad!

Here are a couple of illustrations I drew for the night and waved around as I was reading (probably just out of shot of the laptop camera).

WARNING: These drawings contain spoilers so you may want to go read the short (500 word) story here at before scrolling any further.

Flipperty Bob
Um. Not Flipperty Bob?

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