Shoegazing in the Brighton Fringe 2017

It’s me shoegazing
I’m very much looking forward to doing my Shoegazing show in a couple of days. It’s at the Sweet Dukebox as part of the Brighton Fringe. 

The show is about music, romance, shyness and my life told through the shoes I’ve worn over the years. It’s where La La Land meets Lemmy. Basically, I’m most well known for wearing two-tone shoes. One of my best press quotes is about them (“Excellent shoes” – The New Current) …so I made them the stars!

It was interesting to go back to the show after a couple of years. It’s the show I did in Edinburgh in 2014 but it has since had a few tweaks to it. Rehearsing the show recently, I’ve found I like it quite a lot. So I’m hoping also to record it for posterity.

Come along if you like! It’s £5 to book or free if you just turn up on the night: 


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