An anniversary, an apology and a warning.

First off, it’s the warning: Warning! I am going to Edinburgh tomorrow. So you can expect a sudden flurry of activity here as I do my semi-annual batch of posts from the Festival. I probably the most prepared I have ever been for the Edinburgh Fringe in that I have packed both sunglasses and a raincoat.

Secondly, the anniversary. An alert has gone off to tell me that it’s five years since I set up this WordPress site. Yay.

Finally, an apology and writing update: I haven’t done any. Sorry.

We are nearly three quarters through the year and I haven’t had any writing productivity since the first quarter. I have been playing a lot more guitar though. And working on clearing my Dad’s house after he passed away last year. To be honest, it might have been a bit early to say in January that I was going to start doing my own thing again by writing and whatnot. I am still dealing with my Dad’s stuff even now. But I am getting there.

I haven’t managed to keep up listening to Plumtree every day, either. But here’s a link to Coffee and TV by Blur. I started learning the chords to this the other day.


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