Not much ado about nothing

I am sorry. I will try harder. My annual report from WordPress reveals I only blogged three times in 2015, my site has been read less than ever, and the most popular posts are still all about Dukan Bread:

I’m not even on the Dukan diet anymore! I spent all of the Christmas period concentrating on getting as fat as possible! However, I will be spending much of 2016 struggling with WeightWatchers’ new SuperPoints or UberPoints or whatever they’ve replaced ProPoints with to make my life more complicated.

Anyway, enough about diets. On the blogging front, I am not surprised I didn’t do much in 2015. I’m afraid it was another hard year with another death in the family so I didn’t have much I wanted to write about. I am hoping that this year I will be able to get back to more creative things and live life, because I am painfully aware that it doesn’t last forever.

I plan to write more, both blogs and short stories. I took part in a few writing groups at the end of last year and also wrote a few very short first draft short story “things” whilst on holiday. I enjoy it and would like to pursue it further.

And possibly… Book reviews? I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in my opinion. And it may reveal what an ignoramus I am. But if you want to write you should want to read. Right? I seemed to have been reading less as I got older and I thought I must be getting stupider. But over any holiday time I have, I seem to be able to devour books, so it must just be due to the pressures of life and lack of time. I will try and make time to read and I’d like to note down some thoughts. But it will be about my learning rather than a comprehensive review by a professional book reader.

I’m not sure about stand-up at the moment. I did my traditional anniversary gig at Rabbit in The Headlights in November and it was lots and lots of fun. But I don’t know if I have the hunger for it anymore.

In the meantime, I will shift all the dukan / diet / food posts to my equally abandoned diet site. That way when I get to the end of 2016 I can see just how few people are interested in anything else I have to say:

Happy New Year!


Here is a blog I wrote for the Your County website about spending an afternoon with a writing group.

Here is a short piece I wrote as part of a writing group on the Reading The South website.

Thank you to Lee Hume, from whom I stole the title for this blog post.

UPDATE: I have now removed the food related posts and it appears I only blogged once in 2015.

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