EdFringe2014 day 14: Breakfast

Breakfast is included at Pollock Halls. So yesterday began with me going to the large cafe and picking a fried breakfast of a buffet of sausages, eggs, bacon etc. There is also… fruit! And large signs explicitly telling you not to steal the fruit. I suspect people take it for use later in the day. Which is wrong.

Later that day, I was eating an apple and stapling the review quotes to my flyers.

I did a run-through of the show and went flyering quite late. I had a reviewer in that day so called in favours from my friends to come and see the show. The reviewer didn’t turn up. Still, it was a nice show.

Afterward, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy – going to the cinema in Edinburgh for the first time. The idea was to time it with the rest of the “film club” (Lee Hume and Chris Pacey) who would be going to see it in Brighton after the traditional drink in Wetherspoons. I tweeted them a picture of my in an Edinburgh Wetherspoons with my cinema ticket. They had postponed it to next week. Buggers.

Guardians of the Galaxy was very good though. I might have to see it next Thursday as well.

I used my weekly bus pass for the first time to get home. It felt almost like being at home. As I got off the bus, I realised the Commonweath Pool is literally on my doorstep! It has been closed but it reopens this Saturday! Maybe I could get that swimming resolution done after all!

I went home to read my book and eat another piece of fruit.IMG_6128.JPG

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