Zappa plays Zappa


Dweezil Zappa’s five piece band managed a faithful recreation of his father’s varied and complex music with members swapping from keyboards to brass instruments to vocals to create a far bigger sound.

With a massive back catalogue to choose from they leapt from the original 60s Mothers to 80s rock opera to the funky Wah-Wah sound of the 70s Roxy era which proved a particular hit.

There were some technical issues during the encore, but Dweezil filled time with an impromptu jam with the drummer. It was a brief chance to see him create his own music whilst further demonstrating his excellent guitar jiggery-pokery skills.

They finished with the addition of a clarinet player to perform one of his dad’s classical pieces, “Strictly Genteel”. Dweezil is doing a fine job of keeping his father’s music alive. Not bad for someone named after his mother’s funny little toe.

5 stars
Jim Holland
Brighton Centre
11 November

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Zappa plays Zappa review in Latest 7

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