Tom Stade review


A little review for Latest 7:

Tom Stade – Totally Rocks

Stade by name, but not staid by nature – Tom strode around the stage, mentioning his wife’s unmentionables, whilst being followed by an enthusiastic member of the audience who had been pressed into service as cameraman for the night. There was a lot of audience interaction as Tom aimed different bits on home life and Groupon vouchers to people on the front row, who we got to know well. Canadian Stade now lives in Edinburgh and hearing British things being spoken of with such powerful transatlantic delivery was weird. But great! Expect a stadium tour soon. “Stade-ium”. “Stade-ium.” No? Okay. Fine.

Brighton Dome Studio, 20 October 2012
Rating: 4 stars
Jim Holland

The review is in its original setting here:–%C2%A0totally-rocks/

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