Parents update – Wednesday

Last night’s blog followed similar ranting by email to the social services (without the swearing) and today the emails have been flying around and I have ducked out of work to take a couple of calls from a doctor and from social services.

Thanks to a lot of work by my partner, we are now talking to a manager in social services about all this and things are being sped along a bit.

Mum will be returning to the nursing home she stayed in over Christmas. She will move this Friday. She will have to spend her birthday in Jubilee house but we have done the best we can. I have sent her a Birthday card (avoiding ones with cakes on which she can’t eat). I hope it doesn’t get lost.

So this is a result. I still worry about her and dad being apart. We will need to sort out some way he can be taken to visit as he’s not that mobile. And the idea of putting my mum permanently into a home is strange and sickening. But it is for the best. She will get 24 hour care rather than four lots of carers visiting her at home for an hour each. Between which times she was meant to sit on one place and not need the loo or anything. That was the best we could arrange with social services to get her back home.

The meeting about funding is yet to happen and that is all yet to be decided.

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