I felt bad about writing this review. But I didn’t like it. What was I supposed to say?

Reviews: Bellowhead

Bellowhead began with a spotlight picking out a lone man in a dark suit. He played the bagpipes, filling the cavernous room with a single haunting refrain. “Ooh!” said the woman in front of me, “It’s like the interval act at Eurovision!” “Hmm,” I thought. I was new to this band but intrigued by the idea of an 11-piece contemporary folk band with a brass section. The idea sounded interesting. The actual band sounded twee, contrived and without grit, I thought. But given there were hundreds of people filling the Pavilion Theatre, both old and young, and with and without beards, who were having a whale of a time, I am probably wrong. They must have been brilliant. There was a bit where a bloke with a massive mandolin somehow did a Jimi Hendrix wah-wah guitar riff. I liked that bit.

Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome,
11 November
Rating: Two stars
Jim Holland

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