Chris Cresswell review

Bad things – Fears Of A Clown starring Chris Cresswell

There were only a handful of people in the cold cavernous Freerange tent. Chris Cresswell wandered on stage in a black coat and white face make-up. He did clowning and mime to the sound of train announcements. Then, turning to the audience and speaking for the first time, he gave up on the show, blaming problems with the sound. He got the entire audience to march onstage. Actors planted in the audience led improv games. Chris started several congas to the song ‘Love Train’. What? Was this a brilliantly mind-warping audience-interaction piece breaking the fourth wall? Or a show about a clown that went awry? Was it a brave attempt to make the best of a gig with no atmosphere? Yes. Maybe. Dunno. Bah. I think my mind’s been warped.
freerange, 13 May
Jim Holland

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