The Space – Jon Ronson and Jocelyn Stevenson review

The Space – second anniversary with Jon Ronson and Jocelyn Stevenson

Jon Ronson, the humourist journalist and author of Them: Adventures with Extremists was the big draw for this event. Shambling onto stage with Briggy Smale, he discussed how, as a neurotic Jewish journalist, he puts himself in danger on a monthly basis, maintaining humour and charm whlist interviewing Ku Klux Klan members, American Military Generals and even Robbie Williams. Also on the bill was Jocelyn Stevenson, co-creator of Fraggle Rock and friend of Jim Henson; she is now campaigning for quality children’s television. Through Fraggle anecdotes and memories of Jim, her discussion of the artistic possibilities of children’s TV was nothing short of inspirational.


Jim Holland
Joogleberry Playhouse, Tuesday 6 May

See the published review at:

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