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Debut stand up hour at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014

“Jim is a fantastic comic who has a wonderfully distinctive comic voice. Everyone should go and check him out”   Romesh Ranganathan

“I cried with laughter”   Seann Walsh

“Excellent shoes”   New Current







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“Jim Holland is a sweetly diffident bloke in a three-piece suit and snazzy shoes. Jim loves his shoes. He is a man of strange and unexpected passions and it is this, and his slightly awkward, shy persona that lends this show its charm… genuine charm is in short supply on the increasingly industrialised comedy scene…


“The genuine nerdiness and the vulnerability are very watchable and you can feel the audience warming to this man who has lived life far outside of the group of “cool kids”.

“I left smiling about the “shoegazing bands” of the 1990s and humming a tune by The Lighthouse Family.”


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“Anything an extrovert can do, an introvert can do more awkwardly.’ That’s the mantra of Jim Holland, Portsmouth-born shy guy. He also believes that real integrity is persevering with a thing you love, even if no one else will like it. He drops in this last pearl of gauche wisdom as an in-joke, a wink to his charmed crowd who he knows he’s definitely got onside with his nervous, blinky delivery…

“His shyness is nice, to quote another man he no doubt listened to during the Fred and Gingeryears of his youth. The hour is an entertaining, awkward shuffle around his quirks.”



Jim took a half hour storytelling show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009: Choose Your Own Edventure. In an Edinburgh over-run by aliens and vampires, the audience got to choose which path the show would take before being brought to task by the very character they were contolling.



“Jim Holland has created something delectably quirky and inventive. Choose Your Own Edventure is wacky, silly and just a little bit ridiculous, with a clever twist ending… This piece stands out as being an excellent concept, and the story-telling is strong and interesting. Holland is a wonderful story-teller, and his stand-up comedy background makes his delivery quick and insightful.”